Well it looks like you have found it. Finally there is no need to use potentially harmful scents and sprays to remove stubborn odours and nasty smells. Non-Scents acts like a magnet to draw in and hold odours until you are ready to release them harmlessly outdoors.

Non-Scents is composed of one of the only known negatively charged minerals in existence. Negative ions are nature's most powerful air-cleansing agent. There is nothing in the world more effective in eliminating allergens and odors from the air we breathe. Negative ions are created by nature, and are found at their most abundant levels where the air is most pure and healthy.

Most floating contaminates such as odors and allergens are positively charged, and of course, negative ions are negatively charged. In environments where high densities of negative ions exist, they are able to reverse the charge of floating contaminates to a negative charge.

This result is that Non-Scents acts like a magnet and draws in floating pollutants in the air, causing them to aggregate, or "neutralize" one another.

Non-Scents is NOT a one use product. Every few weeks to a month, depending on what it's been used for, place your Non-Scents in fresh air for between twelve to twenty Four hours, the odours or gases held within the Non-Scents will be released into the air, returning your Non-Scents to new again. You can do this over and over again for many years.

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